Amazon opens pop-up stores in U.K high street

Online retailer Amazon has planned to open pop-up shops in the streets of Britain. The shops will specialize in health and beauty products, homeware, electronics, and also food and beverages.

Amazon will launch 10 new stores going by the name ‘”Clicks and Mortar.” They will first be installed on Monday, beginning with the city of Manchester.

According to Amazon, over 100 small online businesses will have the chance to display their products on the high street for the very first time ever.

The British high street market has been very low recently with many retailers closing their stores completely and others intending to follow suit. Retailers like Maplins and Toys R Us closed their shops completely following increased online-based shopping. Among those planning to close their chains are Debenhams and Marks &Spencer.

Amazon is working hand in hand with Enterprise Nation a small business support group to establish the kiosks. It intends to provide independent research on how the project will fair during the trial with the first stores. This will greatly guide the government as it comes up with the Future High Street plan.

U.K. country manager Doug Gurr said that Amazon was thrilled to work with Enterprise Nation to help both the in-store and online entrepreneurs in the country.

As part of Amazon’s strategies, it is also offering to train more than 150 new trainees. It has offered 1 million pounds to cater for the training. The trained staff will help boost the productivity of small businesses as well as multiply their internet-based sales.

Some of the online sellers that will be part of this great transition include Foldable adult scooter company manufacturers of Swifty Scooters, the leather mobile phone accessories seller “Torro Cases” and also the manufacturers of skincare product for men “Altr for Men.”

Amazon’s move follows a similar move by online retailer eBay, which opened a pop-up shop in Wolverhampton in May. The store allows about 40 small businesses to display and sell their wares.

But the first pop up kind of shop for Amazon came last October in Baker Street, London. The fashion store was ostensibly set up for shoppers to give feedback on the clothing range, respective prices and their overall experience at these stores.